AICC Secretary Vamsichand Reddy Lashes Out At TRS Leaders

Hyderabad, Sept. 26 (Hydnow): AICC secretary ch Vamshichand Reddy today lashed out at rival TRS party leaders for seeking the votes of the people of the state in the upcoming MLC elections. He mocked that the TRS leaders, who ignored the problem s of the people were now touring the villages of the state seeking their votes. He called upon the people of the state to chase them out of their villages. He said that it was time for the people to teach a befitting lesson to the state government, which is fleecing the blood of poor and middle class people in the name of LRS. He termed the state government as anti-people government. Addressing media persons at Gandhi bhavan, he asked the TRS leaders, who are very keen on the votes, he asked them as to Why they were not raising the issues like PRC, IR and DA.

He also asked them as to why they didn’t Question their government about cuts in salaries, pensions. Reddy also wondered as to why the ruling party leaders didn’t raise the issue when the state government removed 7,000 field assistants, 27,000 sweepers in the government schools and mission bhageeratha engineers and contract and our sourcing employees of different universities of the state. He said that the number of removed jobs were more than the jobs given after the formation of the state. He alleged that CM KCR had talked about government jobs to each Jodie and unemployment wages only to get their votes. He also termed the state government as an anti-unemployees government. He called upon the unemployed of the state to declare war on the state government.(Hydnow)

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