ATM cut open, money stolen in Nalgonda

Nalgonda: Thieves cut open an ATM using a gas cutter at Velminedu of Chityal mandal in the district on Wednesday night.

Local people who noticed it on Thursday morning informed the matter to Chityal police.
Incidentally, a gas wielding unit was also stolen from a shop at Gundrampally and the same equipment was used for cutting open the ATM.

The burglars damaged the CC cameras installed in the ATM centre.

Rachakonda Linga Swamy, owner of Gas Wielding Shop at Gundrampally, said he found in the morning that shutters of his shop were broke open and gas wielding kit was stolen from it. He has complained the matter to Chityal police over the phone. On the suggestion, he came to Velminedu and found that the gas wielding unit used for ATM theft belonged to him.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police Venkateshwar Reddy rushed to the place and inquired about the incident.

The officials of Indicash also reached the ATM centre and on the work to find out how much money was present in ATM at the time of thief.

CLUES team was also collected clues from the ATM centre.

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