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BJP Getting More Popular: Laxman

BJP Getting More Popular: Laxman
BJP Getting More Popular: Laxman

Hyderabad, July 14 (Hydnow): BJP State president Dr K. Laxman said his party earned 20 percent votes in the recent Lok Sabha elections, thanks to the love and affection showered by the people of the State on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said the party, which managed to win one Assembly seat in the last year’s Assembly elections, was able to secure 20 percent votes and won four MP seats on its own in the State. The victory of the party was a clear result of the corruption-free rule of Narendra Modi.

Addressing media persons at the State party office here on Sunday, Dr Laxman said the BJP has emerged as world’s number one party by enrolling 11 crore people as its members. He claimed that while Prime Minister Modi was trying to achieve a modern India, party’s national president Amit Shah was working hard to strengthen the party. He said the BJP and its allies were already ruling 18 States in the country.

The State BJP leader said his party had secured 50 percent vote share in several States in the recent MP elections. Noting that the Congress had not even won one MP seat in 17 States, he said that party had not even won four MP seats in the undivided AP State too in the past. He claimed that the PM Modi had set the economy of the country on the right path through his note ban and GST decisions.(Hydnow)

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