Cyberabad Traffid Police Hold Cracks Its Whip On Noise Causing Vehicles

Hyderabad, July 21 (Hydnow): Cyberabad Traffic Police on Sunday conducted a drive against vehicles causing noise pollution by using modified silencers, air horns, multi tone horns in the city. The traffic police has said that they had started taking strict action against persons indulging in noise pollution by booking cases under MV Act. They said that Mostly, heavy vehicles like school, college buses, RTC buses, lorries, tankers, trucks, etc were to be using the prohibited horns that cause noise pollution.

The police advised all school and college managements, RTC authorities, owners of such vehicles to immediately replace such noise emitting prohibited horns with legally admissible horns. They Also urged public to take a video of such vehicles emitting more sound or using multi tone horn an air horn and report to them through their whatsapp number 9490617346. (Hydnow)

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