Divine Call For Badruka

Hyderabad, July.6 (Hydnow): When the Seth Ghasiram Gopikishan Badruka Educational Society is mourning the demise of its Chairman Emeritus Hari Prasad Badrukaji in the early hours today, the priest of Chilkur Balaji Temple had a anecdote to share.

Chilkur Balaji Temple priest narrated a sudden urge to call Sri Hariprasad Badruka in the afternoon on yesterday. When the priest Rangarajan called Badrukaji on his personal mobile number a family member answered to say that Hari Prasad Badruka was critically ill and was on liquids through nasal tube and his vitals were not ok.

They requested for the prayers at Chilkur for relief from pain of the ailing Badrukaji. The priest promised to perform an Archana in the evening.

In the early morning of the 6th of July there was a message of the sad demise of the great philanthropist.

“My Lord Balaji had made me call the family, indicating His divine blessings to Hari Prasad Badrukaji the departed Soul for his religious deeds, charities and Goseva…”

The Badruka College was founded in 1950 and was initially managed by the trustees of the Seth Gopikishan Educational and Charitable Trust. In 1966, the Seth Ghasiram Gopikishan Badruka Educational Society was established and was registered under Public Society Registration Act. Over the years, the Society’s educational activities expanded. Today, nine institutions of higher learning are managed by the Society, covering information technology, economics, commerce, management, chartered accountancy, vocational courses, music, and dance.

The year 2000-2001 was the Golden Jubilee year for the Badruka Educational Society, and the college celebrated that in 50 years, more than 50,000 students have passed through its portals.

Devotees and students are very upset on hearing the demise of Sri Hari Prasad Bhadruka ji. It is a great loss to the Hindu Society. A great philonthropist, educationist, and much more to say Gosamraksak.

Dr Soundararajan, the octogenarian Chilkur priest recalls how Badrukaji was supportive of the fight against Government Control over Religious and Charitable Endowments. He always opined that excessive interference had destroyed the concept of Charities and Philanthropy (Hydnow)

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