Diwali: SCR’s Travel Advisory To Rail Passengers

Hyderabad, Nov.10 (Hydnow): In view of the ensuing Deepawali festive season, South Central Railway is undertaking checks to prevent carriage of fire crackers / inflammable substances in trains and Railway premises. Carrying of such items in trains or at stations poses grave risk to safety and it creates a highly unsafe situation for all the passengers around.

Rail Passengers are advised not to carry Inflammable / Explosive Materials / Fire Crackers in trains endangering the safety of Passengers and Railway Assets.

Carriage of dangerous and offensive goods is prohibited under section 67 of Railways Act-1989 and punishable under section 164 & 165 of Railways Act-1989.

In the interest of Public Safety, South Central Railway requests the passengers that in case they notice fire crackers or any other suspicious / dangerous explosive / inflammable material in trains or at stations, they may immediately inform the nearest Railway Staff or call on the Security Helpline-182 so as to enable Railways to initiate necessary action.

To prevent the carrying of fire crackers and inflammable articles, Railway Protection Force has formed special teams/Quick Reaction Teams at all important stations to keep a watch on defaulting passengers and parcel carrying persons duly utilizing the services of sniffer dogs and plain cloth staff. CCTV monitoring is also intensified by deploying trained/skilled staff to keep watch on suspected persons round the clock.

South Central Railway seeks the co-operation of rail passengers so as to ensure a safe and hassle free rail travel to the passengers. (Hydnow)

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