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DK Aruna Demands Govt To Make Covid-19 Expenditure Public

Hyderabad, June 29 (Hydnow): BJP State leader DK Aruna said state government to reveal expenditure made by state government on containment of spread of corona virus in state. She alleged that the state government had failed to control the spread of the corona virus.

Speaking to media , she expressed the concern over the growing number of the coronavirus positive cases. She alleged that innocent people were dying due to the politics done by the ruling TRS party leaders over the dead bodies of the victims. Aruna alleged that there was huge disparities between the figures quoted by the state health department officials and the district officials of the state. She also alleged that the state government was neglecting the issue of the provision of infrastructure at testing labs of the state. Citing that the central government has sanctioned ₹7151 crore to the state government for the Covid 19 relief measures, she asked the state government to reveal the details of the donations received to the CMRF and expenditure made by it. (Hydnow)

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