EO Inspects Food Quality Testing Lab In Tirumala

Tirumala, Jan.3 (Hydnow): TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy on Sunday inspected the Food Quality Testing Lab at Tirumala and directed the officials to maintain high-quality standards without any compromise while testing food and water ingredients in the lab.

During his visit, the Health department officials explained how the raw materials used in TTD food produces like laddus, Anna Prasadam, beverages etc. were tested for quality frequently before they are served to the pilgrims. The Lab Analysts also demonstrated the functioning of various equipment used to test the purity of water, milk, ghee, edible oils, dals, millets, rice etc. along with their respective parameters. They explained that 199 ingredients undergo chemical testing and 177 physical testings in the Laboratory which has high testing standards. They also said nearly 1.35lakh samples of various food items will be tested in the lab a year.

The EO and Additional EO also visited the flour mill and also Weather Monitoring Centre at Tirumala and made several suggestions to the staff.

TTD Health Officer Dr RR Reddy, SE-2 Nageswara Rao, EE-1 Jaganmohan Reddy, EE-5 Chandrasekhar, VGOs Bali Reddy, Prabhakar, Unit Officer Srinivasamoorthy, Senior Food Analyst Kedarnath were also present.(Hydnow)

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