Find out which food is giving you that acne

With the change in weather, it’s important to take care of your skin. It doesn’t matter how consciously you take care of your skin that little acne pops up from nowhere. So what is the reason? Recent studies have shown that some food products are likely to cause acne.

It is usually the refined foods that are the cause for the bane. The refined carbohydrates like breads, cereals, or foods made with white flour like the desserts, pasta or refined rice, sodas or sweetened beverages, maple syrup, etc have added sugars that increase the levels of the blood sugars.

The metabolism chugs into an over active mode and pushes out the insulin to accompany these sugars into the cells of the body. The increased insulin levels also heighten the androgen of testosterone secretion and thereby the blockages of the pores of the sebaceous glands. Acne begins from there on.

Find out which food is giving you that acne
Find out which food is giving you that acne

Apart from fast foods like pizzas, burgers, French fries, sodas, you might also have to ditch chocolates to get rid of the acne as the immune system tends to go on a high alert which reacts easily to the bacteria causing acne. The gym freaks who consume whey proteins for faster development of muscles are also at risk of producing acne as the diary produce contents give rise to insulin.

So what are the food products which can be consumed without worrying about acne? Foods high on omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, green tea, turmeric and supplements of Vitamin A, D, E and Zinc are known to play crucial role in regulating the inflammation, undue auto-immune response, regulating blood sugar levels and also slow down the growth of acne causing bacteria too.

Needless to say, mediterranean diets are more useful for metabolism. Homeopathic medicine has good remedies for acne. Remedies like Merc sol, Hepar sulph, Silicea get rid of the infection while Ars alb, Cantharis cut down the overt immune response while Mag carb, Lac can help patient away from allergies of milk, etc. With a moderation in diet and improving food habits, one can get rid of acne.

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