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Ganta Srinivasa Condemns His Supporter’s Arrest

Visakhapatnam, June 23 (Hydnow): TDP MLA Ganta Srinivas rao responded on arrest of his supporter Nalanda Kishore by the sleuths of CID of the state and asked the state government if his supporter had committed sedition or leaked any confidential matter related to the Defense affairs of the country.

He said that he was condemning the arrest of his supporter and added that hundreds of messages were being shared every day. He made it clear that the messages shared by his supporter didn’t have the names of any leader of the ruling party. He also expressed surprise over the arrest of Kishore in the middle of the night.

He asked the government as to why they were torturing his supporters why they have grudge against them. Kishore was arrested by the CID on the allegations of forwarding some political messages in the early hours of Tuesday. Srinivasa rao reached the CID office as soon as he received the arrest message. (Hydnow)

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