Governor orders probe into alleged ‘job scam’ in Raj Bhavan

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan ordered state police to conduct an investigation in the alleged ‘job scam’ which was allegedly done by an outsourcing agency on the pretext of offering jobs in Raj Bhavan.

The outsourcing agency M/s Sumati Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd was engaged by the Raj Bhavan to hire people as attenders, receptionists, office sub-ordinate, etc. But soon reports emerged that the agency has collected large sums of money from the job seekers on a false promise for permanent jobs.

“A complaint was received by the Raj Bhavan authorities that illegal demand for money was made and collected by supervisors of the outsourcing agency engaged by Raj Bhavan M/s Sumati Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd in connivance with some protocol staff and other people for placing their services in the newly formed Raj Bhavan as Attenders, Receptionist, Office Sub-ordinate, etc,” stated a press release.

“The committee headed by the Secretary to Governor after examining and taking a statement of attenders and other outsourcing staff, came to the opinion that money has been demanded and collected from 9 outsourcing employees by the supervisory staff in connivance with some other people promising them permanent jobs in the Raj Bhavan vacancies,” it added.

Governor Harichandan has ordered the Police Commissioner of Vijaywada Dwaraka Tirumala Rao to take immediate legal and criminal action against the agency and persons responsible for the commission of this illegal act.

After the instructions by the Governor, the secretariat has initiated proceedings against the Agency involved and the Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada has initiated an investigation to book the culprits responsible for this unlawful and reprehensible act.

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