Hyderabad City Market To Reopen After 10 Days

Hyderabad, July.6 (Hydnow): City commercial markets which have been closed for a period of ten days have been reopened today. The owners of the commercial shops from different areas of the state like Begum bazar, troop bazar and General bazar have opened their shops.

These shops have been shut down due to the sudden spike in the number of corona virus cases in the state capital. The 1500 shops from the Begum bazar area have been shut down due to the voluntary lockdown in the state. The traders have said that they would strictly follow the lockdown rules like social distance wearing of face masks. They also said that they would sanitise their surroundings on regular basis.

They also said that they would open their shops from morning 10 am to evening 5 pm. (Hydnow)

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