Hyderabad to Brace for Early and Harsh Summer

Hyderabad: Much before the actual summer has come, the city is already witnessing a teaser of what could be in store over the next few months with day temperatures beginning to soar. After the chill of December and January, the warm weather is now making the denizens turn on fans and air-conditioners.

On Saturday, the city recorded a maximum temperature of 33.4 degrees Celsius. In the last two days, the day temperatures soared by two degrees, from 31.8 degrees Celsius on Thursday to 33.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

If the prevailing weather conditions during the day across the city are anything to go by, summer is likely to arrive well in advance than previous years and quite strongly as well.

According to the Telangana State Development Planning Society, during the last 24 hours, the highest maximum temperature recorded was 35.6 degrees Celsius at LB Nagar. Its forecast said that the weather would be largely dry for the next three days.

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Hyderabad to Brace for Early and Harsh Summer

Every year, the transition from winter to summer is usually towards the end of February. However, going by the prevailing conditions, winter is already making way for summer.

According to the India Meteorological Centre, Hyderabad, usually March witnesses hot and dry weather conditions and from April, there would be a gradual change in the weather conditions with summer peaking by May.

Private weather forecast agency Skymet said clear skies and bright sunshine have forced a rise in temperatures. “However, a certain winter chill has been persisting in the city during the morning and evening hours and from Sunday, southeasterly winds will start blowing in city, and it will increase even the night temperatures,” it said.

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