KCR Wants To Bleed Exchequer: Addanki

Hyderabad, July 25 (Hydnow): TPCC spokesperson Addanki Dayakar said there was no scope for Opposition parties to even hold a protest program under TRS government. He said that it was unfortunate that the state government had arrested them even after according permission to their protest program against the demolition of Secretariat and Assembly building complexes.

TPCC spokesperson dared CM KCR to hold an all-party meeting before going ahead with his decision of constructing the new Secretariat and Assembly buildings. He alleged that the CM was going ahead unilaterally as he wanted to “loot” the State completely while wondering weather it was necessary to build the new secretariat in place of the old one. He advised the CM to build forts with his own money. He alleged that the CM was also cheating the people of his own village Chintamadaka by promising Rs 200 crore for their development. (Hydnow)

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