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Kondapochamma Sagar In Siddipet Suffered A Breach

Hyderabad, June 30 (Hydnow): Konda Pochamma Sagar in Siddipet suffered a breach. Recently waters were released by the leaders of the ruling party from it to Aler segment. The right canal of the Konda Pochamna sagar saw a breach leading to panic. The waters marooned the village nearby and people got in grip of fear. It led to submerging nearby village, farms in Venkatapuram near Markuk here.

The villagers said that the danger was averted as the breach developed in the morning hours. If it occurred in the night hours, our village will have submerged they expressed concern. They informed to the officials of the canal breach. Water supply was stopped to the canal by the irrigation staff later. (Hydnow)

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