Love for the six-yards

Women with a shared love for the six-yard beauty came together for third meet of ‘Saree Speak’ held at the Karma Shangrila Plaza . The event saw the members take part in fun games and try out different draping methods according to a region.

Saree Speak is a community of sari lovers whose Facebook page has garnered thousands of members from countries like India, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Through its activities, Saree Speak encourages women to wear the sari more often.

Saree Speak was founded in April 2016 by Vini Tandon, a housewife in Goa, India. Vini had previously joined other sari-related groups, namely 365 and Kai Thari.When asked why she chose to create a group on the sari, Vini says, “Everything else was done and became very popular already. Salwar kameez had turned into palazzos, frocks had turned into dresses and gowns and I thought the sari had taken a back seat.”

Love for the six-yards
Love for the six-yards

The group also encourages women to post pictures of themselves with a caption of four to five sentences on the story behind their sari. “They write poems, some of them dance. I have noticed people have turned into writers, literally,” says Vini.



As Vini noted, Saree Speak has become a platform for women to build their confidence.“These women meet in groups and compliment each other. Just making another woman feel good, you feel great. A common woman who has never been complimented on her looks steps out, wears a sari and gets complimented, which can make her feel ecstatic,” she shares.

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