Maharashtra farmer donates organs under Jeevandan scheme

Hyderabad: Relatives of a 35-year-old farmer Pandurang Nayak Kulkarni, a resident of Katenkur Osmanabad, Maharashtra, who was declared brain dead by attending doctors, have donated the organs of the deceased under State-run Jeevandan organ donation program.

On February 6, at around 4.20 pm, the farmer was hit by an unknown vehicle while crossing the road near RTO office, Zaheerabad. He was immediately shifted to Government hospital, Zaheerabad and later shifted to Government Hospital in Bidar.

For better treatment, the Maharashtra farmer was shifted to a private hospital in Bidar and then on February 8 at around 5 pm was brought to Global Hospitals. After 53 hours of providing intensive care at Global Hospitals, the medical condition of Pandurang Nayak Kulkarni did not improve, forcing doctors to declare him as brain dead due to severe head injury.

After a series of grief counselling sessions from Jeevandan coordinator, the family members including his wife Vijaya Laxmi Pandurang Kulkarni consented to donate organs. The surgeons retrieved 2 kidneys, liver and 2 corneas (in all 5 organs) and transported the donor organs to various transplant centres based on the Jeevandan organ donation guidelines.

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