Minister E Rajender calls for capacity building of healthcare workers

Hyderabad: Health Minister, E Rajender on Tuesday directed health officials to ensure availability of healthcare workers between 9 am and 4 pm at all the primary health care facilities in the State. He asked the field level medical staff to be present at their designated posts during working hours which would go a long way in improving healthcare services.

At a review meeting with health officials on primary health care facilities, the Minister called for special efforts on capacity building of healthcare workers. With changing times, it was necessary for the field staff employed in government hospitals to upgrade their knowledge.

Every year, respective departments must hold special training programmes for capacity building, he said.

Along with senior officials from Public Health, the Minister reviewed different aspects of primary healthcare facilities. According to health officials, the review exercise was aimed at finding ways to ease protocols and set-up new working standards at primary healthcare facilities that would unclog bottlenecks in healthcare delivery mechanism.

The meeting also stressed on the need to find mechanisms aimed at reviewing the performance of healthcare workers at primary level which would ensure better delivery of healthcare facilities to patients.

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