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New angle in Hayathnagar murder case

Hyderabad: A new possible angle to the brutal murder of a mother by her own daughter emerged on Tuesday, with the police now investigating the role of one of the girl’s male friends.

According to the Hayathnagar police, who questioned prime suspect Keerthi Reddy and her friend Shashi Kumar for the second day on Tuesday in connection with Keerthi’s mother Rajitha’s murder, the role of Shashi Kumar appeared to be more than just assisting Keerthi in the murder.

Police suspect that Shashi Kumar wanted to trap Keerthi and through her, acquire her property. Being the only child of her parents, Keerthi was the only heir to the property and Shashi Kumar is believed to have to taken advantage of her dislike towards Rajitha.

Keerthi’s family had agricultural land at their native place in Yadadri-Bhongir district a house in Dwaraka Nagar in Hayathnagar, reportedly worth Rs 10 crore. Shashi Kumar plotted to use Keerthi to execute his plan, police suspect.

Sources said he started moving closely with Keerthi and collected her personal details including about her parents and boyfriend Balreddy. Recently, Rajitha started warning Keerthi against her going out frequently with Shashi Kumar and Keerthi’s returning home at odd hours.

Rajitha warned her saying that while the elders were discussing her marriage with Balreddy, her intimacy with Shashi Kumar was not good.

Keerthi recently told Shashi Kumar about this and expressed dislike towards her mother and also about marrying Balreddy. Taking advantage of the situation, Shashi Kumar wanted to get more close to Keerthi and acquire her property, police said, adding that fearing Rajitha could become a problem, he wanted to kill her and used Keerthi to carry out his plan. However, this angle was still being probed, officials said, adding that more details were expected to emerge soon.

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