Perfect and green path to Hyderabad’s acclaimed ‘mehmaan nawazi’

Hyderabad: Hyderabad’s acclaimed ‘mehmaan nawazi’ has prodded the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to guarantee nonstop sanitation at traveler areas to make an impact on the guests to the capital city.

Under a pilot venture, the GHMC has recognized 12 areas and roped in two private offices for guaranteeing greenery and sanitation at these areas.

The offices have been depended with the assignment of keeping up tidiness and cleanliness at these areas nonstop. They will convey laborers and taking up sanitation in three movements.

Perfect and green path to Hyderabad’s acclaimed ‘mehmaan nawazi’

Aside from areas dependent on the travel industry criticalness, the GHMC has distinguished Secunderabad Railway Station and a couple of different spots, which register high footfalls.

For the most part, guests, particularly those from abroad, visit these spots in huge numbers and there is a need to guarantee sanitation without junk and residue, said GHMC Special Commissioner (Sanitation) Sujatha Gupta.

The organization will be liable for sanitation at the assigned areas. On the off chance that there are any omissions in conveying administrations to the normal levels, punishments will be required. This was being done in a couple of different urban communities that had verified top positions in the Swachh Survekshan program, she said.

It isn’t simply limited to looking after tidiness. Organizations should make mindfulness among guests, especially neighborhood individuals, to cease from dumping waste and spitting on the premises. Concentrate will be on keeping away from spray painting at the spots.

Administrations of GHMC clean specialists, who are at present sent at the distinguished areas, will be used in different spots. In light of the result of the pilot venture, GHMC is pondering to stretch out the activity to other places of interest and conspicuous areas in the city.

Tenders will be drifted after the pilot task to recognize the offices and various areas will be apportioned to the organizations.

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