Speed guns to rein in ‘fast and furious’ in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Being fast and furious on the roads of Hyderabad will not be easy anymore. And no, it is not the potholed-battered roads that we are talking about.

The Hyderabad Traffic Police, with an aim to curb fatalities on the city’s roads, are cracking down on those driving dangerously or violating speed limits. The Traffic police have booked a whopping 34,150 cases of overspeeding from January to September this year.

They have placed five speed guns at spots identified by the local police. These include on the PVNR Expressway, Tank Bund and the KBR Park stretch where the overspeeding record is quite high. This apart, the Traffic police are using automatic cameras, which capture speed limit violations even during the night and generate challans.

Anil Kumar, Additional Commissioner (Traffic), Hyderabad City, told Telangana Today that speed guns and high-end automatic cameras were being used to monitor overspeeding on the city roads. “More accidents occur due to overspeeding and to ensure the roads are accident-free, we are focusing on overspeeding,” he said.

The official explained that the Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) has several automatic cameras installed on accident-prone road stretches that were capturing speed limit violations even during the night.

Speed guns to rein in ‘fast and furious’ in Hyderabad
Speed guns to rein in ‘fast and furious’ in Hyderabad

“In the coming days, our focus will remain on reducing road accidents in the city by taking various measures, including enforcement of traffic rules,” Anil Kumar said.

As per Section-184(b) of the MV Act, driving dangerously at high speed or driving dangerously posing a threat to the lives of other people invites a penalty of Rs 1,000 for all vehicles. The Union Ministry had increased the penalty to Rs 5,000 but the State is yet to take a decision and implement the revised fines.

In 2019 till September 30, 196 fatal accidents were reported in the city and 206 persons died. The Traffic police attribute most of the accidents to overspeeding by four-wheelers.

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