Sravan Dasoju Asks For Polling Day CCTV Footage Of GHMC Election

Hyderabad, Dec.5 (Hydnow): AICC Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju finds fault with the State Election Commission’s statistics of poll percentage and suspects a possible rigging done by the TRS and MIM parties in the just concluded GHMC elections. The senior congress leader surprised to see the poll percentage has gone up to 60% and even 90% in certain areas of old city of Hyderabad. He expressed concerns over the sudden rise of this poll percentage which spiked to 50% in just one hour from 38% reported until 5 pm. “I doubt the statistics released by the SEC. At a time when the electronic media was showing that there were no voters coming to the polling stations and the staff were taking a nap, how come suddenly the poll percentage has gone up so much”, Dr Sravan asked.

Sravan Dasoju, requested the SEC to provide the day long CCTV footage of the GHMC election which held on December 01, 2020. He filed an RTI application under the section 6(1) with the SEC for polling booth wise footage of 150 divisions of GHMC. He asked the following queries with the State Election Commission.

As part of the GHMC Election (December 1, 2020), requested to provide the complete CCTV Footage and Web Casting details right from the beginning of voting until the completion of voting of each polling station of 150 divisions of GHMC? As part of the GHMC Election (December 1, 2020), please provide the division wise total number of polled votes of 150 divisions? As part of the GHMC Election (December 1, 2020), please provide the total number of votes polled with non-swastik symbol or any other symbol or mark? (Hydnow)

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