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TRS Govt Has Expands COVID Treatment To Pvt Hospitals Only After MLAs: BJP

Hyderabad, June 30 (Hydnow): Telangana BJP unit said TRS government has expanded COVID-19 treatment to private hospitals just recently, only after TRS MLAs and Ministers started contracting the deadly pandemic. It’s a plain opportunistic policy decision.

Party Chief Spokesperson K.Krishna Saagar Rao, Chief Minister KCR has not paid heed to BJP’s consistent demand to expand and broaden testing and treatment of COVID19 across all the district government hospitals and private hospitals in the state, till the disease impacted his own party leaders.

It is clear that TRS government is working only in its self interest and not in the interest of the common and poor people of Telangana State.

BJP also wishes to question Health Minister Etela Rajender, why his party leaders, MLA’s and recently State Home Minister Md Ali got admitted into private hospitals, instead of Gandhi Hospital ? Going by health minister’s statements Gandhi Hospital provides unparalleled COVID19 treatment, and no one should complain about the deficiencies. If his statements are true, why is this duplicity and double standards ?

BJP also strongly condemns the irresponsible statements by health minister Etela Rajender on Ravi Kumar who has recorded a video on the reasons for his dire situation before his unfortunate death due to COVID19 in the chest hospital.

Instead of taking action on those who removed Ravi Kumar from the respiratory support system which caused his death, the health minister brazenly attacked the young man who died due to negligence and lack of sufficient medical equipment in the hospital, for having shot the video.

BJP feels, this kind of heartless, uncouth and irresponsible behaviour is unacceptable in these challenging times of public health crisis.

BJP demands an apology from health minister Etela Rajender to the family of Ravi Kumar and a departmental investigation into the medical negligence leading to Ravi Kumar’s death. (Hydnow)

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