TRS is against Citizenship Amendment Act

Karimnagar: Telangana Rashtra Samithi made its stand clear on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) stating that the party is against any act or initiative that would discriminate the people of India. TRS senior leader and State Planning Commission vice-chairman, B Vinod Kumar made it clear that party was strongly opposing the act which would disturb the basic structure of the constitution. Moreover, the CAA and the attempts to enforce the NRC would not stand the judicial scrutiny too.

Giving citizenship to people in the name of religion was against the constitution. So, TRS, which would respect the constitution, has decided to oppose the anti-constitutional bill. Time has come to refuse the anti- constitutional decision of the union government led by BJP which was conspiring to provoke the people in the name of religion, he called upon the party workers. Vinod Kumar made these comments while participating in TRS Karimnagar Municipal Corporation party workers meeting held in Padmanayaka Kalyana mandapam here on Friday.

India has a great history and it has become a platform for various religions in Indian sub-continent. There is a clear mention in Article 14 of the constitution that Christians, Muslims and other religion people should be treated equally and people should not be discriminated on the basis of religion, caste, place, gender and creed. India was seen as a strong nation only because of the constitution.

Being the member of parliamentary committee, he had visited Jodhpur of Rajasthan and Assam to study refugees issues. He also supported to give Indian citizenship to real refugees from Pakistan, Afganistan and Bangladesh. “Where was the need to bring bill when the collectors have powers to give citizenship to refugees?” he questioned.

Giving citizenship on the name of religion was against the basic structure of the constitution. The Supreme Court had made it clear that the basic structure of the constitution should not be disturbed. Not a single new scheme was introduced after the BJP government coming to power at the central for second time, Vinod Kumar alleged.

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