Vikramarka Demands Govt To Help COVID-19 Affected People

Hyderabad, July 11 (Hydnow): CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka lashed out at state government for its failure to contain spread of corona virus in state capital. He demanded the state government to take steps to extend all kinds of help the corona virus affected people of the state including patients.

Addressing media persons at media point of State Assembly , he said that he was raising the issue of the intensity of the corona virus in the city with a lot of anguish. He said that the virus was taking serious proportions in the state capital. He alleged that the healthcare services were not available for the poor people of the state. Vikramarka said that there were no beds in the private hospitals of the state and added that the authorities of government hospitals were not doing the treatment to the patients unless they test positive to the virus. He said that the residents of the city and the state were living amid a state of fear. He also said that while the rich people were living in their houses, the poor had lost the job opportunities due to the virus impact.

He alleged that the Chief Minister of the state had left for his farm House by leaving the people of the state at the mercy of the God. Referring to the percentage of COVID-19 patients in the state, he said that while the percentage stood at just 2.8 percent in the neighbouring state , it stood at 22 in the Telangana state. He mocked that the state which conducted intensive household survey in one day was not able to conduct the COVID-19 detection tests in the same one day period. He also while the household survey was done without any need, the tests were not being done despite there is a dire need. He demanded the state government to takeover the 50 percent beds from the private hospitals and allot them to the poor people of the State.

He also demanded the government to include the COVID -19 treatment in the state run Aarogyasri scheme. He further demanded the state government to set up a committee of senior IAS and IPS officers. He called upon the poets, artists and civil society organisations to mount pressure on the state government to take steps and help the people of the state. Referring to the loot of private educational institutions in the name of online classes, he demanded the state government to take action against all erring private schools of the state. (Hydnow)

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