World Chocolate Day 2019: 5 Desi Chocolate Fusion Dessert Recipes You’d Love To Try!

World Chocolate Day 2019: 5 Desi Chocolate Fusion Dessert Recipes You'd Love To Try!
World Chocolate Day 2019: 5 Desi Chocolate Fusion Dessert Recipes You’d Love To Try!

World Chocolate Day 2019 is being celebrated today around the globe. Also known as International Chocolate Day, it is observed on July 7th every year. The day celebrates the introduction of this universal commodity to the continent of Europe in 1550. The food is made from cacao beans that are roasted and then ground, and then mixed with a variety of other ingredients and then fashioned into the form of chocolate that we all are so familiar with. Although cacao seeds are extremely bitter, they undergo many levels of processing to develop the flavour. The final products of these seeds have come to be recognised in all parts of the world now and chocolate is today one of the most popular flavours of desserts.

Chocolate can make almost any dessert desirable and it goes well with an endless number of foods and drinks. This is why a large number of Indian sweets have also, at one point or another, donned a chocolate avatar and made for delicious fusion desserts. Although desi sweets are incredibly rich and delicious as is, chocolate can somehow make even these desserts better. Don’t believe us? Try the recipes given below yourself and test it out!

International Chocolate Day 2019: Try these recipes of chocolate versions of our most-loved Indian sweets-

  1. Chocolate Kaju Katli Recipe

The delightful diamond-shaped sweet has a separate fan base. This chocolate-topped kaju katli will give you a sugar rush, even while you’re making it. Molten dark or milk chocolate is poured over kaju katli base and allowed to set and then cut and served.

  1. Chocolate Samosa Recipe

Just the idea of a chocolate-stuffed deep-fried snack is something that can make the toughest cynics salivate. These chocolate samosas are straight out of your sweetest dreams and will make you very popular at the next family dinner you host.

  1. Chocolate Gujia Recipe

Another deep-fried gooey chocolate dessert that you would love to make during festivals- chocolate gujiya. This delightful sweet has a crunchy outer crust in the shape of a crescent and it has a flavourful stuffing. This fusion sweet will be very popular with the kids.

  1. Chocolate Modak Recipe

The preferred sweet of the Hindu God Ganesha- modak- can also be made more delicious with chocolate. This chocolate modak recipe uses drinking chocolate powder to add the delicious chocolate flavour that complements the nuts and dried fruits in it, wonderfully well.

  1. Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine Recipe

This dessert gives you the best of both worlds- the essence of the east in a western dessert with a chocolatey twist. Credited to celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, this Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine recipe is quite fancy, but you would be surprised by how easy it is to prepare!

Know of any more desi chocolate fusion dishes? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

Happy International Chocolate Day 2019!

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