Sanjay Slams KCR Government On Draft Power Bill Resolution

Hyderabad, Sept.17 (Hydnow): Telangana BJP president and MP Bandi Sanjay today lashed out at Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for passing of a resolution in the Assembly session against the proposed power amendment Bill of the Centre.

Addressing a press conference here he accused the KCR government of making false charges on the power bill of the centre.

The centre only sent draft bill and sought suggestions from the states he said.

Although it was not introduced in parliament, KCR government his indulging malicious campaign he fumed. The draft bill dies not ask the states against free power to agriculture or other sectors Sanjay said.

The BJP Chief slammed the state government for the resolution and KCR for his remarks. In spite of this the state government is resorting to make bad talk on the same, the BJP Chief said.

He urged the centre to hold a review on power contacts of the state government before ERC came into force. Sanjay asked the KCR government to clarify on free power to farm sector as the centre didn’t say about it. (Hydnow)

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