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  • Hamas Offers Ceasefire and Prisoner Release If Israel Reciprocates

Hamas Offers Ceasefire and Prisoner Release If Israel Reciprocates

Hamas has announced that the group is ready to observe a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip if the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issues a ruling calling for it as…

Netanyahu Pledged To Continue Strike The Gaza Strip-Till ‘Total Victory” 

Jerusalem/internet/Hyderabad, Jan 15 (Hydnow):  As the bloody Israel-Hamas conflict entered its 100th day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to continue the military operation in the Gaza Strip until…

Hamas Confirms Senior Commander And 3 Other Leaders Was Killed In Gaza

Palestinian Territories: Hamas' military wing said Sunday that the commander of its northern brigade, Ahmed Al-Ghandour, and three other senior leaders had been killed during Israel's offensive against the Islamist…

Hamas provides List Of Next Hostages To Be Released

Tel Aviv/Channel/Hyderabad, Nov 26 (Hydnow): Israel Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said that Hamas has handed over a list of hostages which will be released on Sunday. 

Netanyahu Calls For Deradicalization And Demilitarization Of GAZA 

Washington/Jerusalem/Internet/Hyderabad, Nov 17 (Hydnow): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated that his country was not seeking to occupy Gaza but "our goal is to deradicalize and demilitarise"  the Hamas-controlled enclave.  

Hamas Lost Control Over Northern Gaza: Israeli PM

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that Hamas has lost control over Northern Gaza "There is no other way to victory,"

Death Toll Of Hamas-Israel Conflict Nearing 5,000

The death toll in the ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict is nearing 5,000, with thousands of others injured and displaced as a result of the violence which continued for the 13th day…

Hamas Does Not Represent The Palestinian People: President Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in his first clear and stark denouncement of Hamas' attacks on Israel, said that the militant group's actions "do not represent the Palestinian people."

Israel Mayor Died in Hamas Rocket Fire

The head of the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, Ofir Liebstein, was killed in the deadly rocket fire from Hamas into Israel on Saturday morning, the media reported, citing local sources.