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4% Muslim Reservation Will Be Abolished To SC, ST, BCs: Amit Shah 

4% Muslim Reservation Will Be Abolished To SC, ST, BCs: Amit Shah 4% Muslim Reservation Will Be Abolished To SC, ST, BCs: Amit Shah r Stalin's Comments To Eradicate Sanatana Dharma

Hyderabad, Nov 25 (Hydnow):  Union Home Minister Amit Shah has revealed that the BJP is against religious reservation and made it clear that when the BJP comes to power, this 4 percent Muslim reservation will be allotted to SC, ST, and BCs. 

Speaking to press persons in Hyderabad today, Amit Shah said if BJP gets a chance, they will give a bonus of Rs. 1,000 for paddy crop.  The people of Telangana have decided to send Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao home.  He said that the KCR government has turned the surplus state into a debt state.  He said that the winning Congress MLAs are sure to join BRS. 

He said that the decision will be taken in the Cabinet’s first meeting for reducing the VAT on petrol and diesel. Amit Shah stated that all sections, including the youth, were in despair during KCR’s regime.  KCR corruption involvement in Passport, Miyapur lands, Outer Ring Road, Granite, Money Laundering, and Irrigation projects, on all these inquiries will be conducted and those involved in these scams will be sent to jail. 


Amit Shah said that only BRS workers got double-bedroom houses and Dalitbandhu schemes.  He said that KCR’s promise to provide one lakh jobs was not given.  Amit Shah asked why the unemployment allowance of Rs. 3,116 was not given.  He said that the KCR government has failed to waive farmers’ loans, he asked where Textiles Park, Pharma City,  He said Telangana state has delayed because of Congress.  Amit Shah said that voting for Congress and MIM is like voting for BRS. 


Amit Shah said that we are committed to the SC classification.  Amit Shah stated that injustice has been done to the Madiga community for three decades.  A  Central Committee has been formed to speed up the SC classification.  He asked what the people who sit at home and run the government know about administration.  He wants the Chief Minister to be in the Secretariat not in the farmhouse. 


Amit Shah said that once the BJP comes to power, they will investigate and send the corrupt people to jail.  When the BJP comes to power, they will continue the current schemes.  It is because of MIM, that the KCR government is not organizing Telangana Liberation Day officially.  He said that Telangana CM KCR is speaking falsely about central funds.  Amit Shah said that BJP has focused on all the states in the south.  (Hydnow

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