AIMIM Is The Establish Friendship Between KCR, Congress: Kishan Reddy

AIMIM Is The Establish Friendship Between KCR, Congress: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad, Aug 27 (Hydnow): State BJP President and Union Minister G.Kishan Reddy said that AICc president Mallikarjuna Kharge told blatant lies in Chevella Prajagarjana Sabha. He lashed out at Kharge’s comments that BRS Chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao had an internal friendship with the BJP and therefore stopped accusing each other.

“Both Congress and BRS are one and the same. The communal Majlis is establishing friendship between these two parties, (KCR and Congress).  He put questions to Kharge to answer and apologize to the BJP.

Questions which has been raised by Kishan Reddy


– The KCR government is claiming that there is no land to build double-bedroom houses for the poor people, is it not a fact that the Congress got 10 acres of land in the heart of Hyderabad?

–  Many of the congress MLAs who won in Telangana on a symbol of hand are continuing as BRS MLAs without resigning.  Whether it is not correct that no action against your MLAs under the Defection Act a proof of the good relations between your two parties.

– In addition to showing the support of BRS to the congress candidate in the presidential elections, is not KCr leading the election campaign in the state an example of the friendship between you?


–  It not it the pinnacle of your friendship to not react when Congress was completely merged with BRS in the Legislative Council?

–  Is it not true that there is opposition to common citizenship>  Can the Congress party say that it will oppose the UCC without the support of BRS?

– It not it a fact that both the Congress and the BRS voted in favor of the motion of no-confidence introduced in the Lok Sabha?


KVR served as a Union Minister in the Congress-led UPA government, is it not true that your friendship has continued ever since?

Kishan Reddy criticized that the Congress leaders will go to any lengths to defeat the BJP.  He said that Congress’s idea is to stop the rise of the BJP in Telangana by transferring their vote completely to BRS if necessary. (Hydnow)  

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