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Bird Flu Case From India To Australia

Bird Flu Case From India To AustraliaBird Flu Case From India To Australia

Delhi/Hyderabad, June 9 (Hydnow): A case of bird flu has been reported for the first time in Australia, that too for a child. But now WHO says that bird flu came from India.

The child’s family went to Calcutta, and after returning from there, he came to know that he had a virus. However, the child’s parents said that they have not met any people or animals with bird flu in Kolkata. However, it is not known how the virus was infected.

The two-year-old girl from Victoria traveled to Kolkata from February 12 to 19 and returned to Australia on March 1, the World Health Organisation said. But now the child has fully recovered from the virus. The boy, who was admitted to the hospital on March 22 with symptoms of the bird flu virus, was discharged after two weeks of treatment. However, it is not known exactly how the boy contracted the disease. In Australia, doctors say that bird flu can also be contracted by eating the meat and eggs of infected birds. But he said that all these are only suspicions.


On the other hand, bird flu is spreading in Australia. As a result, the government there has decided to stop the exports of birds and poultry. Imports of wild and domestic birds, along with meat and eggs will be immediately crushed, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Philippines said on Saturday. (Hydnow)

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