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BRS And Congress Are One Under MIM Control And Will Always Unite: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad, Sept 14 (Hydnow): Telangana BJP President and Union Minister for Culture and Tourism, G. Kishan Reddy said that BJP will contest the elections alone in Telangana. He made it clear that his party will not form alliances with any party.

He said that the BRS and Congress are deceiving the people by saying that they will contest the upcoming elections alone.  He said that these two parties are the same.  He said that the BRS and Congress which are under the control of the Majlis party, will always be united.

he said that the Congress which is trying to gain by spreading false propaganda that BJP will meet with BRS.  He said that the elections in Telangana will be held as per the stipulated time.


Kishan Reddy said that he did not know that ED had once again issued notices to MLC Kavitha in the Delhi Liquor Scam case.  He asked what the Telangana BJP had to do with the Delhi Liquor scam case.

On a question about the Jamili elections, he expressed his anger saying that BRS is playing politics in the elections too.  If the election is discussed for three years, when will the development be done?  He said that elections are not eternal, development is eternal.  He clarified that they have not yet announced the list of BJ MLA candidates.  He said that the list which is going viral on social media is fake.  (Hydnow) 

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