CII Telangana Congratulates TS Govt. In New Electric Vehicle

Hyderabad, Oct.30 (Hydnow): In a press release released today, Krishna Bodanapu, Chairman, CII Telangana & Managing Director, CYIENT Ltd. Congratulated Government of Telangana on the releasing New Electric Vehicle 2020-30.

He mentioned that Energy consumption has grown incredibly fast over the last few decades. Energy efficiency plays a substantial role in cushioning the impact of climate change and it enables resource conservation, thus contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable development. For the industry, excellence in energy efficiency ensures a healthy bottom line, based on the most productive consumption of all forms of energy. This Policy indicates the State Government’s Commitment to develop a complete ecosystem domestically around EVs, including manufacturing of batteries and all other components to make Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Solutions sector competitive in the near term.

CII, a pioneer in promoting energy efficiency & renewable energy in the Indian Industry will play a pivotal role & collaborate with State Government in better implantation. (Hydnow)

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