CLP Leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka Lashes Out At Rival Parties

Hyderabad, Dec.5 (Hydnow): CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka today lashed out at rival parties TRS, MIM and BJP. He alleged that while MIM and BJP won the seats in GHMC elections by raising communal Provocative issues, the ruling TRS party won the seats by banking upon the provocative statement of the chief minister KCR. He made it clear that emotions may bring temporary benefits but would not ensure development of the city. Referring to the defeat of the party in the GHMC elections, he said that although the path did not win expected number of seats, it won the elections and on ideological lines.

He said that the party would take up discussions on the defeat of the party in an internal manner. He made it clear that the congress party workers should not worry about the election results. He also made it clear that the party never had an alliance with MIM party and added that it had only worked together . Commenting on the reports of former minister K. Jana Reddy leaving the party, he said that some people were deliberately carrying out a false campaign on the veteran leader of the party. He also raised the issue of the appointment of the TPCC president and said that the party high command would decide on the issue.

The party MP K. Venkat Reddy demanded the state government to abolish LRS after witnessing the GHMC results. He made it clear that LRS had become a burden to the people of the state. He also demanded the government to extend flood relief to those who did not get it so far. He warned the state government that the party would lay siege around the camp office of the CM Pragathi Bhavan an all GHMC offices if it didn’t pay the flood relief to the victims.(Hydnow)

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