Conduct Telangana Liberation Day: Aruna Tells KCR

Hyderabad, Sept.15 (Hydnow): BJP leader DK Aruna said KCR government to conduct September 17 as Telangana liberation day.

In a statement she slammed that KCR who spoke in favour of Telangana liberation day, has forgotten it after statehood. She alleged that KCR is in love with Majlis party and acting like a new Khasim Rajvi. The chief Minister has failed to keep his promise to appease Majlis and ignore Telangana people sentiments she charged.

The government has to conduct it or face public ire she warned. The Telangana people liberated on Sept 17, 1948 after police action by then union home minister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, she said. The former minister said that the BJP on coming to power in Telangana will conduct liberation day. (Hydnow)

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