Dr Sravan Criticizes CM KCR For Not Keeping His promise On Relief Funds Distribution

Congress Party Lashes Out At Guv

Governor should stop indulging in Telangana politics

Governor Tamilsai’s conduct proves BJP-TRS collusion

Governor Tamilisai should stop step-motherly treatment of Congress

Hyderabad, October 4 (Hydnow): AICC spokesperson Dasoju Shravan blamed Telangana Governor Tamilsai Soundararajan saying that it is not Congress party but Governor who is indulging in politics at Raj bhavan. Senior Congress leader found fault with Telangana Governor for her comments on Congress party’s agitation over 80 crore farmers issues.

“When Congress party requested an appointment with Governor to give a memorandum on farmers agitation against newly brought in farm bills, she refused citing COVID-19. Congress party clearly mentioned that the delegation would consist just two or three senior Congress persons and if Governor is not ready to receive memorandum, we will atleast present it to her public relations officer or laison officer. She refused even then and did not even permit to leave the memorandum at Raj Bhavan entrance. In spite of it, Congress leaders did not say a word against her. But it is highly condemnable that Governor Tamilisai has termed our agitation and struggle for saving Indian farmers as a political drama,” said Dr Sravan Dasoju addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad.

“It is uncharitable on the part of Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan that she termed our concern towards farmers as political drama and denied permission citing Coronavirus. But at the same time, she has given permission to Telangana CM K Chandrashekhar Rao, to visit Raj Bhavan and felicitate her husband Mr Soundararajan, who received Dronacharya Award. Even Congress party is happy about Mr Soundararajan’s accomplishment but why did not Governor think of COVID-19, while meeting CM KCR? Moreover, not even basic precautions were taken when photoshoot took place with KCR’ at Raj Bhavan. Governor should realise that it is not Congress but herself indulging in politics at Raj Bhavan,” pointed out Dasoju Shravan speaking on Sunday.

“Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan denying appointment to Congress party on an important issue affecting crores of farmers but meeting CM KCR for a personal program, proves BJP-TRS collusion. We respect Tamilisai as a woman leader and doctor and welcome several of her initiatives. She should also reciprocate the goodwill and stop step-motherly treatment of Congress,” stressed Dasoju Shravan.

Earlier in the day, Dasoju Shravan also dashed off an open letter to Governor Tamilisai urging her not to turn Telangana Raj Bhavan into a political adda by showing favouritism towards ruling TRS and unleashing vendetta politics against opposition Congress party. (Hydnow)

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