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Congress Party Targets Minister KTR

Hyderabad, Jan.30 (Hydnow): Congress Party today targeted state Minister for Industries KTR over his comments against the central government on the implementation of the promises made in the AP Reorganisation Act and stated that the comments made by the minister were laughable. It said that KTR slept for seven years, like the mythological character of epic Ramayana, Kumbhkarna , over the issue , and was now raising the same after seven years .

TPCC senior Vice President Mallu Ravi alleged that both state and central governments had failed in the implementation of promises made in the AP Reorganisation Act. He said that the people of the state had understood the dramas played by rival TRS and BJP on the issue . He made it clear while central government did not fulfil the reorganisation promises , the state government did not fight on the issue for the achievement of those promises .

He said that the people of the state would revolt against the state and the central governments. He demanded the state government to release a white paper on the issue as to why it failed to achieve the promises so far . He recalled the ruling TRS party extended complete support to the BJP led central government on the issue of the implementation of GST, Note ban, president and Vice President elections and made it clear that the TRS party had never support any of the issues raised by the opposition political parties.


He claimed that the TRS party extended its support to the central government on controversial issues like the abolition of article 317 and triple talaq bill. He made it clear that the TRS party would never be able to achieve the reorganisation promises. (Hydnow)

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