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Couple Kissing On The Roof Of A Moving Car in Hyderabad

ByHyderabad Now

Oct 15, 2023
Couple Kissing On The Roof Of A Moving Car in HyderabadCouple Kissing On The Roof Of A Moving Car in Hyderabad

On social media these days we come across many videos where people are kissing, displaying affection, or doing some mischievous/obscene acts in public causing inconvenience.

In the latest viral video, a couple is captured on a pleasant Saturday evening in a passionate embrace and kissing on the open sunroof of their car while cruising down the PVNR expressway in Hyderabad.

This display of public affection has ignited a fiery debate among netizens. One vigilant user decided to take matters into their own hands by posting the video and tagging the Hyderabad city police.


They insist that such actions constitute unsafe driving and inconvenience to the public. However, there’s another perspective to consider. Advocates for the couple argue that since the driver is someone else and the car belongs to them, they should be entitled to express their affection as they please. They see it as a matter of personal choice and privacy.

Another hilarious thing was that some users were seen blaming Sandeep Reddy Vanga for corrupting youth’s minds by showing kissing and lovemaking in public in his films, including his latest film Animal. However, the safety angle is a concern, as sudden braking could turn this amorous rooftop adventure into a disaster.

This incident serves as a reminder of how people these days aren’t able to differentiate between personal freedom and public responsibility.


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