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Delhi Police Bans Prayers For Palestine In Mosques

Delhi Police Bans Prayers For Palestine In MosquesDelhi Police Bans Prayers For Palestine In Mosques

Delhi/Hyderabad, Nov 15 (Hydnow): In a recent development, the Delhi Police has reportedly issued a directive to Imams in the city, restricting them from including prayers for Palestine during their sermons or prayers. This move has sparked criticism from various quarters, with concerns being raised about the freedom of expression and religious practices.

Delhi Police Bans Prayers For Palestine In Mosques
Delhi Police Bans Prayers For Palestine In Mosques

According to a report from Urdu Daily Inquilab, the Delhi Police issued a stern warning on November 14, stating that Imams who fail to comply with the directive could face consequences. The notice explicitly prohibits the mention of Palestine or the ongoing Israeli forces’ aggression in Gaza during prayers or sermons.

The Inquilab’s report highlighted an incident in Old Delhi where Delhi Police officials reportedly intervened at a mosque, instructing the imam to refrain from discussing Palestine or Israel in his religious addresses.


This move by the Delhi Police has been met with opposition from various quarters, including Bahujan Samaj Party MP Danish Ali and representatives of the India Muslim Personal Law Board and Welfare Party of India. They argue that praying for the victims of oppression is an intrinsic and integral part of Islamic practice.

It is important to note that freedom of expression and religious practices are fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution. While it is understandable that the Delhi Police may have concerns about maintaining public order, it is crucial to ensure that these concerns do not infringe upon the fundamental rights of individuals and communities.

The situation warrants further dialogue and understanding between the Delhi Police and the Muslim community to find a way to address concerns while respecting religious practices and upholding fundamental rights. (Hydnow


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