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Dynamic patrolling brings down crimes in HyderabadDynamic patrolling brings down crimes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Crime rate in the city has registered a dip by three per cent in 2019 and the city police attribute it to their new initiatives and dynamic police patrolling system.

Property and bodily offences registered a decrease while there has been no significant increase in women related offences and cyber-crimes. A total of 15,598 cases were registered in the city in 2019 as against 16,084 cases registered in the previous year.

Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, said the decrease in crime rate was due to intensified police patrolling, initiation of PD Act against offenders, regular cordon and search operations, community closed circuit cameras, community policing and continuous criminal tracking system.


“We are regularly studying the pattern of patrolling and bringing in required changes in the system for beat constables. Similarly, the point books are monitored on regular basis. Already our vehicles are GPS fitted so all patrol vehicle movements are monitored on real time basis,” he said.

The conviction in even small petty cases was acting as a deterrent for the criminals, he said. The city police registered 1,10,678 e-petty cases and in several cases people got convictions from the court.

On disciplining the motorists in the city, Anjani Kumar said, the traffic police booked 49,75,876 cases in 2019 as against 44,34,003 last year. Specially emphasis was being laid on road safety and linked to it are enforcement against drunken driving, minors driving vehicles and pedestrian safety. Awareness programs are also conducted simultaneously.


On the new initiatives the citizens can look forward the next year the Commissioner said they are are identifying the major police stations in the city where more cases of Cyber fraud are reported. There would be more initiatives for women and girl safety in the city in the coming year, he assured.

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