Leopard From Katedan Spotted Near Himayat Sagar

Efforts on to trap leopard at Mailardevpally

The leopard that was seen resting near median on a road at Mailardevpally on city outskirts has ran into compound of a farmhouse nearby, with Forest officials now making efforts to tranquillise and capture it.

The leopard, which appeared injured and not moving even as vehicles passed by, suddenly made a move and crossed the road as it got frightened by the crowd that gathered. It attacked a man who was standing on the roadside, as the big cat ran by. The man, who survived with a few scratches, has been sent to hospital.

The leopard meanwhile ran into a farmhouse compound nearby, where Forest officials have now reached with a cage and are making efforts to tranquillise the animal and shift it to the Nehru Zoological Park for treatment.


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