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Ganja Powder Found In Milkshakes, Horlicks, and Boost!

Ganja Powder Found In Milkshakes, Horlicks, and Boost!Ganja Powder Found In Milkshakes, Horlicks, and Boost!

Hyderabad, April 17 (Hydnow): Ganja addiction is spreading across the county in an unexpected range. Ganja Smugglers are making everyone addicted to this drug without big or small differences. Especially in the Telugu states. is being circulated.

The government said the police are keeping a watchful eye on the swindlers in various forms. Recently, the issue of selling ganja in the form of chocolate in grocery shops near many schools in the vicinity of Hyderabad, which alarmed the students, came to light before the issue was forgotten.

To this extent, the police found that the raw material of ganja is being converted into powder and a new type of supply is being done every day. A gang from Kolkata who supplied chocolates, sweets, and hash oil said that they were making fresh cannabis milkshakes. It has been revealed that the youth is addicted to drugs by advising that it is good for health if ganja powder is mixed with milk, Horlicks, and boost. Two days ago, Cyberabad SOT police detained and interrogated Majoj Kumar, who runs the Jayashree grocery store in the Jagadgirigutta area.


Moreover, it has been found that they are bringing powdered cannabis into Hyderabad city, emptying chocolates and cigarettes, and supplying them. It is said that this powder is being sold at Rs. 2,500 per kg, and the price of chocolate made from ganja is Rs. 40. It has been revealed that if you drink a milkshake, you stay intoxicated for 7 hours. Police officials said that they are arresting the accused who are committing this robbery in many areas. (Hydnow)

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