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Harish Rao Lashes Out at BJP Government

Harish Rao Slams BJP and CongressHarish Rao Slams BJP and Congress

Hyderabad, Jan.25 (Hydnow): Finance and Health Minister T Harish Rao today lashed out at Centre and BJP leadership for deliberately denying support for development in the state. Along with Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy he inaugurated a hospital with 180 beds in Wanaparty district by spending Rs 17 crore.

Speaking on the occasion the minister took a dig at the BJP leaders and the congress for coming in the way of development. He accused the BJP led government in the Centre of denying the projects and funds to the state. Despite repeated appeals the BJP Led Government denied us ITIR, other factories as promised by the bifurcation act, he charged. The minister hit out at the BJP state leaders for failing to get any projects and funds for the state. Though Niti Ayog recommended for Rs 24000 crore towards Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya the Centre ignored it, he fumed.

The minister further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignored repeated pleas by the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for state development programs, projects and funds. Many letters were ignored by the Modi government and BJP state leaders making false charges on us, the minister expressed serious displeasure. He said that the government is expanding health and education facilities by spending thousands of crores.


Harish Rao appealed to the people to follow corona protocols to avoid virus spread and infections. The government has provided all health facilities, medicines, injections and staff at rural level, he said. The minister said that the KCR Government is doing its best in agriculture, irrigation, education, health and others. Though the Centre is not responding to our pleas for projects, funds and development, he said. (Hydnow)

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