• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Heavy Rains Likely in Telangana Today

Heavy Rains in The Next 24 Hours In Andhra PradeshHeavy Rains in The Next 24 Hours In Andhra Pradesh

The Meteorological Department said that the northeast monsoon has completely receded from southern India and low winds are blowing towards Telangana from western and southern India.

As a result, the weather department has forecasted heavy rains on Sunday. 3

Meanwhile, in some areas, the cold waves have intensified as temperatures have dropped sharply. Reddipalli of Ranga Reddy district has recorded a low of 10.3 degrees on Saturday morning.


Heavy Rains Likely in Telangana Today
Heavy Rains Likely in Telangana Today

On the other hand, Adilabad, Mancherial, Hyderabad and many other places in Telangana are also experiencing low night temperatures. It is to be noted that nighttime temperatures in the city have been dropping to a minimum for the past few days.

In Hyderabad, the cold intensity has again increased to a range as temperatures dropped to a minimum and dry weather prevailed. Rajendranagar recorded the lowest night temperature of 12.4 degrees. The Hyderabad Meteorological Department has forecasted a minimum temperature for next 3 days and predicted night temperature up to 15 degrees in the city.

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