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Hyderabad Comes Alive Beautiful Perfumes in Ramadan

Hyderabad Comes Alive Beautiful Perfumes in RamadanHyderabad Comes Alive Beautiful Perfumes in Ramadan

Hyderabad, March 30: (Hydnow): Hyderabad comes alive with not just prayers but also beautiful smells during Ramadan. People have used perfumes here for a long time to feel calm and closer to God.

The city has many perfume shops, filled with all kinds of scents, from flowers to sandalwood. Everyone loves a good smell, but it’s especially important during Ramadan. People often buy perfumes with flowers or sandalwood during this holy month.

There are even special perfume shops near mosques, so people can put on a nice scent before they pray. As Eid gets closer, temporary perfume stores pop up near big prayer grounds. People come here to find the perfect smell to celebrate Eid.


There are expensive and cheap perfumes, but the most important thing is the tradition. Perfume makers have been in business for generations, offering hundreds of different scents.

The more perfume people buy during Ramadan shows how much they love using smells during this special time. Shop owners are happy to see people looking for their favorite scents to make their Ramadan journey even better. (Hydnow) 

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