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Hyderabad Hospitals See Surge in Seasonal Illnesses

Hyderabad Hospitals See Surge in Seasonal IllnessesHyderabad Hospitals See Surge in Seasonal Illnesses

Hyderabad, Dec 11 (Hydnow): The recent change in weather has brought a sharp chill to Hyderabad, affecting the health of many residents.

Children and older adults are particularly vulnerable and experiencing a rise in colds, coughs, and fevers. Doctors are even warning about the possibility of more serious conditions like pneumonia in children due to the cold weather.

With the rain gone, seasonal illnesses are making a comeback. Doctors are reporting more cases of cold, fever, and viral infections. Hospitals and clinics are seeing an increase in patients seeking treatment.


The cold weather has hit children hard, with many experiencing colds, coughs, and fevers. Niloufer Hospital says they have seen a 20% increase in these cases compared to usual.

Parents need to be extra careful with their children during the winter months. Colds, coughs, and fevers are common, and the number of cases can rise by 15-20% during this time. Newborns are especially vulnerable to the cold, so it’s important to keep their environment warm and dress them properly. Limit their time outdoors and make sure they are breastfed.

Premature and low-weight babies need extra attention in the cold. Niloufer Hospital has opened a special 20-bed Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) ward to help these babies stay warm and improve their treatment outcomes.


Dr. Usharani, Superintendent of Niloufer Hospital, shared these important tips for staying healthy during the cold:  Wash your hands often with soap and water, Avoid touching your face, Stay away from people who are sick, Get enough rest and exercise, Eat a healthy diet, and Dress warmly in layers. Cover your nose and mouth when you go outside. By following these tips, you can help protect yourself and your family from seasonal illnesses. (Hydnow)

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