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Hyderabad Police Cracks Down On Rivalry Cases, Warns Against Rowdy Activities

Hyderabad Police Cracks Down On Rivalry Cases, Warns Against Rowdy ActivitiesHyderabad Police Cracks Down On Rivalry Cases, Warns Against Rowdy Activities

Hyderabad, Nov 17 (Hydnow): In a decisive move to curb rowdy activities and maintain public order, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner, Sandeep Shandilya, has assumed the role of Additional District Magistrate (executive) at the Hyderabad Police Commissionerate. This proactive measure aims to effectively execute 107 Cr.PC proceedings are a legal tool designed to prevent individuals or groups from engaging in activities that disrupt public peace.

Hyderabad Police Cracks Down On Rivalry Cases, Warns Against Rowdy Activities
Hyderabad Police Cracks Down On Rivalry Cases, Warns Against Rowdy Activities

Commissioner Shandilya’s appointment comes in response to a dispute reported by Chilakalguda PS involving two groups, Group A and Group B, regarding the administrative control of a religious place. After careful consideration of the presented evidence and hearing both parties, Commissioner Shandilya ordered individuals from both groups to execute bonds for an amount of Rs. 1/- each for one year. This action serves as a stern warning against any further attempts to disrupt harmony and peace.

Addressing the ongoing conflict between rowdy gangs in Kalapattar PS, Commissioner Shandilya issued strict warnings to both Group A and Group B against engaging in any rowdy activities. Similar warnings were issued in the case of gang rivalry between groups in Chandrayanagutta PS, emphasizing the unwavering commitment of the Hyderabad City Police to maintain law and order.


Recognizing the power struggle between groups in Banjarahills PS, Commissioner Shandilya emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and warned against any actions that could disrupt public order. He stressed that severe action will be taken against those who violate these regulations.

Commissioner Shandilya highlighted the significance of 107 Cr.PC proceedings as a crucial tool in controlling rival groups and preventing disturbances within the Hyderabad Police Commissionerate. He reaffirmed the intention to utilize these powers to effectively curb unlawful activities involving rowdies, gangs, disputes over religious places, land and properties, and warring factions.

In a further demonstration of the Hyderabad City Police’s commitment to supporting victims of rowdy elements, a comprehensive assessment has been initiated to identify the difficulties faced by families of those killed by rowdy gangs. Instructions have been issued to all Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) to compile a list of names and addresses of individuals killed by rowdies in the last five years. A team of Lady officers, including Smt. Pushpa, DCP ICCC, Smt. D Prasanna Laxmi, ACP Women Safety, Smt. Chandana Deepthi IPS, DCP NZ, Smt. K. Shilpavali IPS, DCP CCS, Smt. Nitika Pant IPS, DCP TF NZ, Smt. D. Kavita, DCP Women Safety, and Smt. D Sunita Reddy, DCP TSNAB, will visit the houses of those killed by rowdies to inquire about the difficulties faced by their families. This initiative will commence promptly to provide support and assistance to those affected by rowdy violence.


The Hyderabad City Police, under the leadership of Commissioner Shandilya, remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring public safety, maintaining peace and order, and upholding the law. Through proactive measures, strict enforcement, and compassionate support, the Hyderabad City Police strives to create a safe and secure environment for all citizens. (Hydnow

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