IMD-Hyderabad Issues Warning Of Rain Gain In Telugu States

IMD-Hyderabad Issues Warning Of Rain Gain In Telugu States

Hyderabad, Aug 31 (Hydnow):  Telangana state witnessed quite heavy rains in the month of July and the first week of August, but the Indian Meteorological Department-Hyderabad experts say that the situation will change in the coming days.  The IMD predicts that there are chances of heavy rain again in the first week of September.

Officials said that the month of August normally means less rainfall was recorded.  It was sunny again.  However, the meteorological department says that the reason for these conditions in the Telugu states is that the monsoon trough is moving towards the northern states.

Although it is raining in the northeastern states, it is still sunny in both the Telugu states.  Recently there was heavy rain and suddenly there was no trace of rain.  The Meteorological Department has announced that the monsoon is weak.  Dry winds are blowing from a north-west direction.  Due to this, dry weather continues throughout South India.  In addition to this, the trough also covers the northern side of the Bay of Bengal.  Officials of the Meteorological Department say that if it comes slowly towards the south, there are good chances of rain.  It is stated that in many places, the hot weather will continue in the morning and cool down in the evening.  It is said that there will be heavy rains with showers in one or two areas.


The Meteorological Department predicts that normal conditions will be restored in the first week of September.  The monsoon trough extends northwards in the Bay of Bengal.  If the monsoon becomes more active due to this, there is a possibility of forming a low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, according to the officials of the Meteorological Department.  (Hydnow)

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