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Irrigation Is Top Priority Of Congress Government: Uttam Kumar Reddy

Irrigation Is Top Priority Of Congress Government: Uttam Kumar ReddyIrrigation Is Top Priority Of Congress Government: Uttam Kumar Reddy

Hyderabad, June 7: Irrigation Minister N Uttam Kumar Reddy said irrigation was the top priority of the Congress Government, and it would ensure that every rupee spent on irrigation brought positive results.

He said that making optimum use of resources to get maximum new ayacut under irrigation is the motto of the Congress Government. “Whether old or new irrigation projects, this government will give priority to projects where with a lesser amount of money and in a shorter time, the largest new ayacut could be brought under cultivation,”

He spoke to the media after inspecting the Sundilla, Annaram, and Medigadda barrages on Friday. He was accompanied by Engineer-in-Chief Anil Kumar and senior irrigation department officials, who briefed him about the status of repair at all three barrages.


Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress Government intends to irrigate more ayacut through judicious spending and avoid the waste of public money. He said that the projects where more ayacut can be created by spending less would be the Congress Government’s priority.

Congress Government would not spare anyone who misappropriated, misused or wasted public money in the name of Kaleshwaram project.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Vigilance Enquiry is underway, and the judicial commission, headed by a retired supreme court judge, would also submit a report after the completion of its inquiry. He said that the Congress Government would not spare anyone and cited the examples of the dismissal of senior officials, including the Kaleshwaram ENC.


Earlier in the day, Uttam Kumar Reddy first visited the Sundilla barrage in a helicopter where he inspected the repair works. The officials of the irrigation department him the extent of damage caused to the barrage and the repair works carried out so far. Later, he visited the Annaram barrage and inspected the ongoing works. He directed the officials to hasten up the works and complete the repairs within the time specified by the NDSA.

Later, Uttam Kumar Reddy went to Medigga Barrage, where he conducted a review meeting with the officials of the irrigation department, L&T, Afcons, Navayuga, and another related department.

He said no review could be done until June 5 due to the Model Code of Conduct. As soon as the MCC was lifted, as the Irrigation Minister, he wanted to do a reality check about the interim measures that were taken based on the recommendations made by the National Dam Safety Authority.


He said it was shameful that despite spending Rs 94,000 crore, which was taken on high interest rates, the Kaleshwaram project remained a non-usable liability. He reiterated that the Medigadda barrage collapsed on October 21, 2023, when the BRS party was in power. While two Sundilla and Annaram barrages suffered leakages, the Medigadda barrage suffered huge structural damage. This was huge damage to public property. Common people are now paying interest for the mistakes committed by the previous regime.

When we formed the government on December 7, 2003, within a week, we approached the NDSA and initiated measures to protect the public money by putting the barriers into public use. He said that the NDSA is the most qualified and competent authority in the country when it comes to the issue of barrages and dams. Therefore, we informed the authority and sought its advice on possible solutions to revive the barrages. We asked for both short-term and long-term measures, he said.

He said an expert committee headed by Chandrashekhar Iyer suggested some interim measures to protect the damaged barrages. The committee was completely against the storage of water in these barrages as it could have damaged them further. He said monsoon flood protection works were taken up.


ENC Anil, MLC T Jeevan Reddy, Chief Engineer Sudhakar, MLAs Raj Thakur, G Satyanaraya, Lakshman, and other senior officials were also present.

ENC Anil said that integrated testing was being done at repair sites. These include geotechnical, geophysical, and GRP tests. He said that Medigadda has made progress. By next season, with the permission of the NDSA, pumping could be made possible through the Kannapalli pump house.

L&T spokesperson said that the repair works have been going on in full swing. He said work was being carried out round the clock. He said the staff of 41 personnel and 150 workmen are working on repairs. Nearly 82 pieces of equipment have been engaged for the task. He said filling, as per the recommendations of the NDSA, was being done below the ramp, and almost 90% of the work was completed. Arrangements of CC blocks and placements of sandbags differential levels have been completed by 60%.


Additional equipment is being engaged, and all measures are being taken to complete the work. He said that the L&T was doing its best to ensure the safety of Block-7 and undertake whatever repair and restoration works the NDSA advised.

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