Jim Corbett National Park Viral Video, Driver Arrested

Jim Corbett National Park Viral Video, Driver Arrested

A tourist vehicle driver in Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park was recently detained for reportedly provoking a tiger after a video of the wild cat charging at a tourist vehicle was widely circulated on social media.

The incident happened early on Wednesday morning (April 27), close to Jim Corbett National Park. The tiger is seen in the video storming towards the tourist vehicle after emerging from the bushes and growling aggressively at the tourists.

The driver of the gypsy was detained on Friday (April 29) for provoking the wild cat, according to Indian Forest Service (IFS) official Susanta Nanda. According to the forest official’s tweet, he has been arrested under the Wildlife Protection Act.


Video Goes Viral

As seen in the video, the tiger hides out off the road behind some bushes and appears irritated. One of the tourists can be heard screaming at the tiger in the background. The visitors and the car remain stationary as they use their cameras to photograph the tiger.

The tiger then leaps out from under the bushes and moves towards the car. Immediately after, the tourists panic and the car begins to move backward. But the enraged tiger starts pursuing the gypsy.

The tiger finally stops growling at the end of the video and retreats into the forest.


More than 88,000 people had watched the video and hundreds had commented on it. Many users expressed their rage at tourists for disobeying the law while visiting national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Rules Being Flouted in Jim Corbett National Park

“Sensitising the visitors about habits and habitats of animals is very important as we have less space for wildlife and more people are entering their space. Nature guides have a very important role in this,” wrote one user. “The safari numbers needs to be curtailed – daily basis and also some weeks of no safari,” said another.

Another user commented, “Honestly in Jim Corbett, the drivers flout a lot of the rules. I have seen people giving the drivers extra money to take their gypsies deeper into the forest to increase the chances of sighting a tiger, or sometimes even carrying meat or flesh with them to attract the felines.”


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